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We Create the Energy of the Future

We are specialised in product developments in the field of complete photovoltaic systems, off-grid systems with storage systems and special solutions

Innovative & Intelligent
Solar Energy Solutions
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Our Values and Goals

Experience and

For us at Hilber Solar, energy is not just our expertise, it is what defines us. It flows through our bodies and is an integral part of our DNA. For us, solar energy means: drive, motivator and our bridge to the future. Demand-driven photovoltaic solutions have been the focus of our solar technology for over 30 years, applied and awarded worldwide.

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Innovation and

Since 1991, Franz Hilber has made it his mission to work ceaselessly on innovations that stand out. In the meantime, Hilber Solar has the support not only of son Thomas Hilber, but of a great team of engineers with an incredible creative drive for solar innovations. We design gamechangers!


Pioneering Photovoltaic

With the "Mover", Hilber Solar succeeded in 2003 in creating just such a revolutionary game changer. The Mover is a photovoltaic system that follows the path of the sun, enabling constant energy production throughout the day. And it's not just the patent forge, our industry-leading partners make our products even better!

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Environmental and
Climate Sustainability

Solar innovations with added value squared. For us, disruptive innovation naturally means questioning and improving structures. If we have to use other systems, we already consider during development whether there is potential for improvement  as well.

Hilber Solar Projects

Besides photovoltaic standard products Hilber Solar offers special tailor made projects for most efficient harvesting of Sun energy

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Sepcial Projects
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Sepcial Projects
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Hilber Solar offers complete services for planning implementing and maintaining solar farms

Hilber Solar Projects

Product Development
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We use our know-how to implement customer ideas in an economical and technically durable manner. This applies to both new and further developments of existing product ranges.

Engineering & Structural Analysis
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In order to take global requirements into account in our product development, we offer professional consideration of local project conditions such as soil and environmental conditions in addition to basic product planning and statics.

Planning of Photovoltaic Power Plants
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We fulfill for you the complete service package of planning, material procurement, maintenance, documentation and insurance.

Production & Delivery of SOLWING Products
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All our product groups are produced and delivered directly by Hilber Solar or our joint venture companies.

Meteorological & Geological Analysis
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We take into account the preparation of a meteorological & geological report to ensure yield and function

Research: PV & Storage Hybrid Solutions
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In order to keep up with the rapid development in storage and hybrid technology, we are constantly working on developing our products to be compatible in the long term.

Development of “On-Site” Factories Worldwide
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We ensure development and continous innovation in our field of expertise

Our Trusted Partners

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What Others Say

For many years now, we have been working together with the HILBER company and jointly offer a yield and function guarantee as part of the package. This is unique in the world.

Werner Krafka

Creative + Innovative + Solution-oriented = HILBER The simple formula in photovoltaics!

Markus Posch
STEPS technology GmbH

We, from the Fraunhofer Institute, have been working intensively with the company HILBER SOLAR in the field of AgriPV since 2015 and were able to implement the worldwide unique and largest AgriPV system at Lake Constance at the Hofgemeinschaft Heggelbach in 2016.

Maximilian Trommsdorff
Fraunhofer Institut